Business Planning

Being a business owner comes with its own set of unique wealth management needs. From the daily demands of your organization to long-term planning for its future after your retirement, there is a lot to manage. Whether your business’ future needs include a merger or acquisition, a sale, or a plan for succession, you will need the advice of seasoned professionals to facilitate a smooth transition.

At HeimLantz Wealth Management, we offer comprehensive support to meet all of your complex business planning needs. Our professionals will assist you with any and all issues that may arise, such as funding for buy-sell agreements, insuring key employees, implementing retirement savings plans, and more. Our experienced business advisors have seen it all and are eager to apply their extensive knowledge to your unique situation.

Our business planning wealth management services include:

  • Business Succession
  • Funding Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Maximizing Owner contributions to Qualified and Non-qualified Retirement Plans
  • Key Employee Retention

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