Legacy and Estate Planning

Successfully planning the transfer of your wealth is critical to fulfilling the promises you made in your life and achieving the goals that you set. However, designing an estate plan—and thereby defining your legacy—is an emotionally fraught process. With the proper planning, your legacy is within your control; without it, you may end up having no say in what happens to your estate.

Our team of expert estate planning professionals is well versed in creating legacy plans that achieve our clients’ desired outcomes for their estates. HeimLantz Wealth Management works to minimize your estate and income taxes while simultaneously maximizing the financial opportunities you provide to your heirs or chosen beneficiaries. Our chief goal is simple: support you in leaving behind the legacy that you desire.

We offer the following estate planning services:

  • Wealth Transfer and Tax Reduction
  • Charitable Gifting
  • Trust Services

Our expert planners welcome the opportunity to talk with you regarding your current or future legacy plans. Contact us for more information.