Tax-Centric Investment Planning

Your investment portfolio plays a key role in your greater financial strategy, and performing regular reviews and maintenance is an integral part of portfolio health. Many people, however, are intimidated by the investment planning process. Oftentimes, this results in a failure to regularly review an investment strategy and adjust to account for life changes. That is why having an experienced investment advisor in your corner is so important.

HeimLantz Wealth Management aims to be a tax-centric investment partner with you in maintaining the health and growth of your investment portfolio. An investment portfolio with an inefficient tax strategy can cost an investor up to 2% of their total return. We try to minimize this by using tax-efficient fund options and asset location strategies. Our team will work with you to continually determine your asset allocation needs, help you understand your risk tolerance, ensure you are properly diversified and recommend the appropriate investment vehicles to help you protect your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

We can help with the following key investment planning services:

  • Determine if your current investment portfolio is set up in the most tax-efficient manner
  • Investment Independence
  • Ongoing monitoring of recommended investment funds to ensure they are aligned with your current financial goals
  • Strict due diligence and review of recommended portfolios
  • Integrated Asset Allocation and Portfolio Design
  • Customized Asset Management Programs
  • Diversification Strategies
  • Alternative Investments

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